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Here is PIKA’s final advert.
Our cape can wear both rainy and sunny day~


It’s been a long time for all of you and long time for Pika as well… closing the business is not very pleasant – it takes a lot of effort to do all the formalities as well as lots of emotions. For last few months Pika has been a part of us…

For last two weeks we have been preparing for business presentations and its closure…We have been busy with the rapport, production, marketing and adverts..

We will try to make a final ad a surprise for you…but here, exclusivley;P, you can a sneaky view on what was going on the set…:) (and making the video was fun indeed!!!!!!)

Dear Pika fans apologies from MaceTeam2 for not updating you on the company business for a moment. Things have been busy, since we have been sorting out design and production issues.

For all of you, who are interested in purchase of Pika Capes we have samples of materials used for our collection. Please, have a look on the pictures of fabrics below and be read to order your individual cape, the one which will express your personality the most:) Because this is what you want. You don’t want to be just another cyclist on the road.. You are women cyclists. You want to be sporty and trendy at the same time. You want to be prepared for every weather. It might sound to you like an advert of Taft hairspray, Maybelline cosmetics or L’oreal lipstick – but, one thing is sure you, your safety and fashion confidence are worth it! This capes are designed to express your personality, add you confidence and make you secure on the road. You can even pick up a cape and take it raving.

Which one expresses your personality the most?

PIKA has new capes prototype in two different fabric.

Which one do you prefer?

Check our black cape, feminine and make you still trendy when cycling.

And here comes the green one, fun, funky and young!

*Different colors are all available!

PIKA’s first version of advert

Right before the  Xmas break, Magda and Cyndy got together to try out the possibility of setting up our own production and making the first few capes. More realistically though, our attempt was to see whether it was a viable option towards keepingour costs at minimum.

After four long hours……..with Magda being in charge of laying, cutting and preparation of the garment parts, whilst I, slaved away sewing, we managed to almost finish one cape… and here it is!!

 We are expecting it to look much more inviting in its rightful setting (rather than missing a sickle) i.e ‘Grim reaper’ Who knows maybe we could start up a new line in undertaker products!!.

Well, several really important things were discovered from this session alone. Not only did Magda and I finally have some fun and were able to relax somewhat; we discovered that the cape needs to be resized to meet a number of needs i.e; helmet, overcoats, tall women etc….  We also realised the level and standared of workmanship is going to be an issue for us top maintain – so we need to find a professioal seamtress who can ensure quality is consistent and our brand starts as it means to continue.

The capes are very time-consuming. The product may look simple on the surface, but as a functioning product , it will cost sligthly more to produce.

We are going to go ahead with testing in the meantime – before moving on to  decide whether to produce the cape as it is or reduce it.

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